Mission statement:
"To reduce our consumption of single-use plastics and promote awareness of the environmental damage they cause."

The Pacific Vortex Challenge (PVC) is an ultra-marathon ocean swim like no other. Two teams. Two and a half thousand miles. One winner.

Currently scheduled to start June 8th, 2014, two teams of eight will race from Hawaii to Santa Monica beach, Los Angeles. Non-stop.

They will be swimming through the biggest garbage dump on Earth. The Pacific Garbage Vortex, also known as the North Pacific Gyre.

It’s an area in the North Pacific Ocean estimated to be at least twice the size of Texas. Just below its surface is a snowstorm of rubbish, most of which is plastic. The remains of everything from a kayak down to a nurdle, the building block of all plastics that’s just a few millimetres across. All this plastic is absorbing toxins, killing sea life and poisoning the aquatic food chain that we humans sit at the top of. Poisoning our future.
The PVC is a sports event to unite companies, communities and individuals, to help solve a planet-sized problem. And promote small changes in the way we use plastic. Because if enough of us make small changes, we can make big waves.

You can join the PVC as a corporate partner, sponsor, supporter or sponsored swimmer.

So, how will you take the Challenge?